How to Improve Your Smile with Two (or Three) Simple Procedures

Perhaps most of us have, at one time or another, taken a look in the mirror and let out a sigh as we realise that our teeth are not as attractive as they once were.

Like the rest of us, our teeth can show our age and, however well you take care of them, there is little doubt that your teeth will start to darken as you get older – this is just a fact of life. So there we are, looking at our discoloured teeth when we also notice how crooked they are. It is likely that we may not have even thought about this unless our teeth were very crooked, but once you actually take a close look, it is surprising how crooked they can be.

So, that’s nicely pulled down our confidence, so how can we get it back and make our teeth look great once again, better than we ever thought possible.

Well, let’s address the crooked teeth issue first as these may as well be straightened before we make them whiter and more obvious. To do this we need to use orthodontics (literally from the Greek for ‘teeth’ and straight’). This probably brings to mind those horrible traditional braces that most of us can remember from when we were children. Well, fear not, modern orthodontics are much improved and there is now a wide range that that come under the title of invisible braces, indicating that they are very discreet indeed.

The most discreet and perhaps the most comfortable of these is Invisalign. This consists of a series of dental trays that gradually push your teeth back into the correct position. These have a good reputation and are a favourite of many; however, they are expensive and can take well over a year to finish their work.

An increasingly popular option is the 6 month smile which is based on traditional braces but is made from tooth coloured materials and with smaller and lighter parts. Although this may not be as comfortable as Invisalign, it certainly ticks the boxes for both cost and speed, coming in at about half the cost of Invisalign and taking, on average, 6 months to work. It does this incidentally, by focusing on the visible teeth alone and so should not be chosen to correct rear teeth.

Once this has been done, we can make another trip to our dentist for the one hour tooth whitening treatment which will increase the whiteness of our teeth by a factor of around seven. The results are instant and now that you have straight teeth as well, will bring a great smile to your face and make you feeling young once more.